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Product Review: NISOS Executive Shield

Today’s organizations are facing significant threats that can impact a wide range of people,

from individual users to the boardroom. Studies show that cyber professionals believe they are missing at least half of the attacks targeting their organization.

Most organizations lack the expertise and internal resources to respond effectively to threats. For these reasons, more businesses are seeking out managed security services.

Key drivers why organizations increasingly rely on managed security service providers


Executive Shield by Nisos is an award-winning, analyst-led managed intelligence service that addresses doxxing, fraud, and real physical security risks to executives and key personnel. Nisos provides the people, processes, and technologies necessary to deliver actionable intelligence as a managed service.


Executive protection offerings today are focused primarily on cybersecurity. They typically neglect intelligence about physical and reputational threats. Most intelligence solutions for executive protection offer only surface-level discovery and removal of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data, opting to address only the data that can be scraped and removed with automated tools.

Nisos’ approach to executive protection is much deeper. Executive Shield tracks threat actors targeting an organization’s people, identifies latent vulnerabilities, and reduces digital footprint exposure. Executive Shield protects key personnel with credible, reliable intelligence gathered through regular OSINT monitoring, analyst-led investigations, and finished digital human intelligence – spanning the protective, reputation, and cyber intelligence domains across the deep surface and dark web.


Nisos curates target-specific keywords for tuning broad social media, open web, as well as deep and dark web collection tools. Nisos analysts actively remove PII through legally protected opt-out procedures on public and private data broker sites, add relevant addresses and phone numbers to do-not-call lists, and remove contact details from mailing lists. Nisos also documents any remaining PII that couldn’t be removed.

Nisos Executive Shield also includes PII reduction. Nisos analysts actively remove PII through legally protected opt-out procedures on public and private data broker sites, add relevant addresses and phone numbers to do-not-call lists, and remove contact details from mailing lists. Nisos also documents any remaining PII that couldn’t be removed.

Nisos analysts then go deeper, using aged personas to access closed forums and voice channels, and manually analyzing broad and targeted results of potential risks. Clients are immediately notified of urgent credible, actionable threats.

When needed, Nisos analysts will obfuscate the target’s digital footprint by injecting misleading information (such as false addresses and telephone numbers) associated with some portion of the subject’s data to confuse PII sites and create false positives for threat actors in instances where PII data cannot be removed.

As part of the service, Nisos delivers a monthly report capturing PII detection and reduction efforts that analysts performed, and identifying any exposure that couldn’t be addressed. Monthly reports include a thorough accounting of sites where PII was found and any remediation actions taken.

Nisos Collection & Analysis Stack Spans All Critical Data Sources

“Nisos’ analyst-led Third-Party Risk investigations maximize our visibility into relevant,

traditional AND non-traditional business risks within our ecosystem, ensuring we are able to properly analyze exposure and take proper action.”

– John Sullivan, Global Chief Security and Resiliency Officer Vice President – Boston Scientific


Extensive Digital Footprint Reduction – Nisos analysts identify exposed PII of key personnel and their families and provide recommendations and support to reduce digital exposure. Their analysts actively remove PII from more than 165 internet databases and sources while documenting any data that cannot be removed for legal and policy reasons.

Ongoing Monitoring without Alert Overload – Nisos regularly monitors social media activity for threats targeting key personnel and their families and notifies clients upon discovering a critical threat. Their analysts also monitor for evidence of compromised PII such as stolen credentials, stalking, doxxing, sensitive documents, and breach disclosures on the dark web. Unlike other services, Nisos will only alert clients when a critical threat requires action, sparing security teams from unnecessary alerts.

PII Poisoning and Closed Forum Access – While removing unwanted PII can dramatically reduce the risk profile for an executive, some data may remain that provides more information for would-be adversaries. As part of Executive Shield, Nisos Analysts will obfuscate this data by publishing false PII data, such as addresses and phone numbers, and associating it with the executive. Nisos goes even further by maintaining aged personas to access closed groups and forums that may trade in PII.

NISOS Analyst-Led Workflow Enables Deep Visibility and Rapid Response


Nisos is The Managed Intelligence Company™. The services enable security, intelligence,

and trust and safety teams to leverage a world-class intelligence capability tailored to

their needs. They fuse robust data collection with a deep understanding of the adversarial

mindset delivering smarter defense and more effective response against advanced cyberattacks, physical threats to personnel or facilities, disinformation, reputational attacks, and the abuse and fraud of digital platforms.

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