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October 2, 2022 12:20 pm

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Monthly Check-in (August 2022): what have you been learning?

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This career field is dominated by the compelling need for self-improvement. I’m just checking in to see how it’s going and what new/neat things you are all up to.


For those who commented last time:

/u/lostmywallet72, how’s the new job?

/u/h3hueh3, did you finish reading through “Automate the boring stuff with Python”?

/u/sarrn, how goes the Sec+ prep?

/u/OutsideIsMyBestSide, how are ya?

/u/Careless_Panda1984, how’s the job hunt?

/u/Amenian, hope you got some interviews!

/u/daughter-nocare, how’s the pre-apprenticeship? Learn anything new?

/u/ColdOutEh, compete in any interesting CTFs?

/u/Knuifelbear, how’s the new job treating you?

/u/MrExCEO, how’s your Summer going?

/u/vongatz, I didn’t get around to writing that python script…sigh

/u/DeliMan3000, hope the interview went well!

/u/spontaneousg, how’s working with DMARC?

/u/Bomb_Goose, did you pass your FOR508 exam?

/u/MiGSRK, hope you got your security architect position!

/u/nateactually, how’d you do on your Sec+ exam?

/u/unknowncarolina, how goes the Sec+ studying? Have you narrowed down what you want to do when you graduate?

/u/kimura_aura, did you sit for the Sec+ exam?

/u/mitsu_gal_jenni, how did the CISSP exam go?

/u/Live_FreeorDie603, how goes your CISSP studies? Mine are going so slowly.

/u/Evening-Researcher, did you wrap up Pavel’s book? What other takeaways did you get from it?

/u/sirpopsicle, how’s the job going?

/u/spennetrator94, how goes your certification efforts?

/u/AnotherEgghead, how have you been? Does cybersecurity still look like something interesting to you?

/u/hardwoodoaktree, how’s the CISA studying going?

/u/SHADOWSTRIKE1, how’s the job hunt?

/u/VirginPhoenix, learn anything new about Google cloud?

/u/JIM78559, did you wrap up the CS50 course?

/u/baseballgrow6, hope things have been coming together since the old SysAdmin left!

/u/Fredelixo, how’s the AZ300?

/u/xlittlebeastx, make anything neat with python?

/u/Cyber_Turt1e, hope your graduate studies went well this Summer!

/u/TtomtomT, how goes your OT detection project/

/u/phambui, how’s the job going?

/u/CannonBall1025, hope the new job is going well!

/u/Legionodeath, what’d you end up doing with your well-deserved break?

/u/IllusoryAnon, how’s the CISSP studies going?

/u/SaturnProject, how’s the BISO role going?

/u/Delacroix1218, how goes your CISM prep?

/u/splinereticulation68, you feeling ready for Sec+?

/u/TheLearningMachine, how goes the job hunt?

/u/tehreal, hope things are going well!

/u/dioscuri_, how’s WGU and the new job? Exciting?

/u/deekaph, how goes the certification grind?

/u/Alexfirer, were you able to make progress towards your NSE cert?

/u/Info_Broker_, how’s the home lab looking?

/u/dmdewd, hope the internship has been going well!

/u/supermoon37, hope the cloud engineer role has been going well!

/u/MLGShyGuy, how’s the PNPT progression going?

/u/xoMayhemLIVE, are you all settled in to your new place in NC?

/u/NoHoeMOE510, are you a Splunk expert now?

/u/ThatSecGuy, how the heck are you?

/u/_SpoobyHead_, hope the Net+ exam went well!

/u/Ill-Brain1850, how’s your MSIT progression going?

/u/mastertza, Are you all credentialed up with AWS now?

/u/Pentatonic_ScaIe, how’s the CySA+ prep?

/u/MortyAllen09, what have you been up?

/u/-tnt, hope the Pentest+ exam went well!

/u/Buurkyy, hope the AZ-204 exam went well!

/u/aoeking3, code up anything interesting lately?

/u/phantompain20, how’s the master’s program going?

/u/Drazyra, how’s the 60pg paper coming along?

/u/redheness, how’s the new job?

/u/The-SophieEtUnion, did you start your apprenticeship? How’s that going?

/u/squirmis, how’s the PNPT prep going?

/u/Aggressive_Profile_6, code up anything interesting in Python?

/u/ThePorko, how the heck are you?

/u/MtVasuvius, did you sit for the AZ-900 cert? What have you been up to?

/u/fakenitav, how’s the homelab? Bet it looks pretty neat.

/u/damianStrojek, how’d the Sec+ exam go?

/u/CoolMAF, how’s the active duty transition going? You settling in alright?

/u/Elikorm, how’s the bootcamp going?

/u/faultless280, how have you been?

/u/_trousers, hope you got some lessons learned from setting up your pfSense router.

/u/SweatpantsStiffie, learn anything neat out of TCM-Academy?

/u/InvalidSoup97, how’s the cloud learning been going?

/u/tSnDjKniteX, how’s the new job?

/u/Swordfish0711, how’s your studies going?

/u/NoTomorrow2020, what have you been up to since having completed your MBA?

/u/LargeJerm, how’s the GSEC prep going?

/u/odyssey310, did you sit for the GCDA cert? Also, as requested:

/u/Omgitschewy, how’s the Odin project been? Learn anything neat?

/u/heroicpat, you ready for college to start?

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